Details of the August 2017 Canadian CPi report 22 September 2017

  • Prior 0.0%
  • 1.4% vs 1.5% exp y/y. Prior 1.2%
  • CPI core trim mean 1.4% vs 1.3% prior
  • Core common 1.5% vs 1.4% prior
  • Core median 1.7% unch
  • BOC core 0.0% vs -0.1% prior m/m
  • 0.9% vs 0.9% prior y/y

The year on year number has taken some steam out of BOC hike expectations.

In a world where central bankers are struggling to get their heads around inflation, the BOC’s scatter gun approach to giving us a multitude of metrics doesn’t help us one bit. Some up, some down but CAD says one, thing, “we don’t like it”.

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