Finally, Theresa May takes to the box

  • Wants to have a creative solution to economic partnership with the EU post-Brexit
  • Wants tp propose a unique and ambitious economic partnerships with EU
  • On March 29th 2019 neither UK nor EU states will be able to implement a new partnership smoothly
  • During implementation period UK will leave institutions but will retain access to markets on current terms
  • Does not want to accept the existing economic model with EU post-Brexit

So far it’s pretty much the same standard line we’ve heard before. Expect this to be met with the usual derision from the EU but we’ll also have to see what these Brexit papers have to say. They’ll be released after her statement.

More from May;

  • White papers on trade and customs will pave the way for the UK to become an independent trading nations
  • The ball is in the EU’s court

All done and now the opposition is going to have a pop reply.

Ryan Littlestone

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