The Downing St press office has said Theresa May will be addressing Parliament at 14.30 GMT

Today the UK government will be releasing two Brexit white papers and Theresa May will front run that witha statement from 14.30 GMT.

I’m not sure the speech will have anything meaningful and the BBC have already had a sniff of some of the comments, where May says;

  • There will be a new, deep and special partnership between a sovereign United Kingdom and a strong and successful European Union
  • Achieving that partnership will require leadership and flexibility, not just from us but from our friends, the 27 nations of the EU
  • We look forward to the next stage, the ball is in their court. But I am optimistic we will receive a positive response

Lately, the EU have been quick to come out and respond to comments from the UK so be on guard for some of the same after May’s finished and we see these papers.

You can watch May live from 14.30 GMT here.

Ryan Littlestone

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