Did they all get the same text?

  • –          Low inflation is not a problem in an economy growing and operating at full employment-          Soft inflation not an indicator of cyclical weakness

    –          Sustainable economic growth achieved by avoiding overheating and financial market instability

    –          Gradually adjustment of rates to more-normal settings will help avoid overheating

    –          Reasonable to expect that inflation will gradually rise as labor markets tighten further

    –          The fall in oil prices and dollar appreciation will also help inflation rise

    –          Despite positive economic news, still a great deal of attention focused on low inflation

    –          A 2% inflation target, in hindsight is far more challenging to maintain than expected

    –          Too much focus is placed on achieving this specific numerical target

    –          Current below target inflation should be put into context

    –          Arguably, with recent performance of the labor market and current inflation FOMC is, meeting the dual mandate

The USD barely moves: EURUSD 1.1845, USDJPY 112.42,CABLE 1.3205

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