BOE governor Mark Carney speaking on CNBC from Washington

  • Running Out Of Spare Capacity & Tolerance For Over Target Inflation
  • Must Take Rate Decisions ‘One At A Time
  • Brexit Expected To Weigh On Household, Business Decisions
  • Brexit Expected To Weigh On Both Supply & Demand
  • Rate adjustments will be modest
  • BOE respons to Brexit is NOT automatic
  • Not Concerned US Is ‘Watering Down’ Financial Regulations
  • ‘Still All To Play For’ In Terms Of Location Of Fin. Services Post-Brexit
  • Global Equilibrium Rate Is Moving Up, If Rates Stay Still In A Particular Country They’re Becoming More Accommodative

Carney leaves the door open, GBP reacts as for the rest of the currencies after the CB speakers over the past 24 hrs. Is lukewarm the term, Friday night fatigue  or “bothered”? Up a couple spreads so far
Cable is trading 1.3300 around from 1.3290. EURGBP back to 0.8890 from 0.8900 .It’s a nice confirmation though in my opinion that the move is close. We still may get some delayed reaction on GBP, even on Monday if nothing world shocking happens this weekend.

Ryan Littlestone

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