September 2017 US CPI data 13 October 2017

  • Prior 1.9%
  • Core 1.7% vs 1.8% exp y/y. Prior 1.7%
  • Real average weekly earnings -0.1% vs  -0.3% exp m/m. Prior -0.6% prior
  • Real average weekly earnings 0.6% vs 1.0% prior y/y
  • Real average hourly earnings 0.7% vs 0.7% prior y/y

With this and retails, the data isn;t that bad. It’s not good enough for USD traders though who have sunk it. USDJPY trades down to 111.75.

There could be some thinking here that with CPI not as strong as expected, with the hurricanes factored in, it’s going to be much less than when they’re washed out.

Looking at the numbers, gasoline up 13.1% tells you everything you need to know.

US CPI details 13 10 2017

US CPI details 13 10 2017

Ryan Littlestone

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