UK labour market report 18 September 2017

  • Prior -2.8k. Revised to -0.2k
  • August 2017 ILO unemployment rate 4.3% vs 4.3% exp. Prior 4.3%
  • Average weekly earnings 2.2% vs 2.1% exp 3m y/y. Prior 2.1%. Revised to 2.2%
  • Ex-bonus 2.1% vs 2.0% exp 3m y/y. Prior 2.1%. Revised to 2.2%
  • Employment change 94k vs 148k exp. Prior 181k
  • Vacancies 783k vs 779k prior

Another half decent report. The funny thing is, at the moment, the pound isn’t trading this as good news, it’s trading this as not bad news. GBPUSD jumped to 1.3211 but has quickly fallen back to 1.3180.

As usual, the private sector lead the way on wage growth.

UK wages 18 10 2017

UK wages 18 10 2017

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