Here’s some of the Brexit bets being offered by UK bookmakers

Paddy Power will give you £17 back for a £2 bet (17/2) that there will another referendum before 2019. They offer 7/1 on a referndum being held before 2018. Corals will give you 5/1 on a referendum before the end of 2019. Slightly lower odds but a longer expiry.

PP will give you 1/1, or evens, on a ‘no deal’ by April 2019, and 50/1 on Theresa May performing a Brexit reverse and announcing the UK will stay in Europe.

If the UK does finally get out, you can get 4/1 on us asking to get back in by 2027.

Here’s some prices on which other rats might follow the UK in deserting the sinking ship;

Next EU exit odds

Next EU exit odds

Ryan Littlestone

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