As if anyone needed a reminder as to who runs Europe…

  • EU decisions on the Future of the Eurozone will have to wait until the formation of a new German government
  • Hopes we can reach phase two of Brexit talks in Dec but that depends on UK movement on settlement
  • Two year Brexit transition is an interesting idea
  • Is very positive on Barnier’s handling of negotiations

EU’s Tusk up too;

  • Reports of deadlock on Brexit talks have been exaggerated
  • There has been progress
  • Florence speech was essential to a new momentum on talks
  • Hopes we can open second phase of talks in dec
  • We need a more positive narrative to talks in Dec
  • May be a little more optimistic than Barnier

Juncker now on the soap box;

  • I hate the ‘no deal’ scenario on Brexit. I don’t know what that means

My colleague Si has had the measure of the Merkel influence for sometime, saying that nothing will move on Brexit until she gets a government in place.

Ryan Littlestone

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