Above 0.9800 will be a good hold at the close of this week

  • I’ve been long USDCHF for a few days now , updates here and  here .
  • Since we broke above the 0.9800 trend line break and in addition above the 0.9818 , which is the 200 DMA . I am raising the stop to 0.9790 to guarantee decent profit on this trade
  • We need in turn to break the 0.9850 weekly 100MA to keep the trade alive and kicking for 1.0050, if not it’ll be range trading for a while again.
  • Trading partials included ,the trade is in the money for 100 pips at 0.9830 .

USDCHF H4 20.10.2017

USDCHF D1 20.10.2017

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