ForexFlow is pleased to announce the next part of its partnership with Mr Top Step

Following on from our successful webinar this weekend, Mr Top Step will today begin his trading open house event that will run all week;

Starting Monday, October 23rd, MrTopStep will be hosting an Open House for all of you. From open to close you will be able to follow along with me and the rest of the professional traders at MrTopStep to see how we maneuver through these markets. This isn’t a game, or some kind of sales pitch, this is MrTopStep showing you how we trade, and how we make a living doing it. If you’re serious about trading, I can’t encourage you enough to participate. Combined, the MrTopStep collective has over 200 years of trading knowledge, and we want to share it with you. The tips, tricks, and resources you will pick up during this Open House will most definitely help guide you through the rest of your trading career.

The event runs all week starting at 10 AM US CST (16.00 GMT) today.

I will also be making an appearance on Thursday to talk about the importance of flow trading, as well as discussing markets and trading in general. For further information on the week long program, and to sign up, click here.

Ryan Littlestone

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