A few things I’m watching at the start of the week

  • Slow start data wise, USD yield watching( Tsies 2.32%-2.40%) should be the most interesting activity to start the week with if politics remain quiet.
  • Still long usdjpy . 113.65 first , then113.45 should come in as initial supports for 114.40.
  • Still long usdchf : 0.9800/20 the level to hold there as per previous, stop on the position raised to 0.9790.
  • I bght tiny USDTRY on the setback last night sub 3.69 after having taken profit same area on previous longs. Geo- and other politicals are really weighing on TRY, and USD keep its bid tone start of this week . Will stop at b/e 3.6875 as it’s still early week.
  • Looking to buy a dip AUDNZD sub 1.12 , had a few tries at 1.1250/60, that’ll be the level that needs to give way for higher levels.
  • Watching eurgbp 0.8900-0.8930/35 for action. No big UK data before Wednesday, slightly tilted towards the dowside as EUR may suffer from below first part of the week.
  • Tiny short EURUSD from 1.1769 last night, tight stop for now 1.1780. See how the market reacts in the 1.1730 zone again. A break could lead us to 1.1660 finally .
    I can see a week in 2 parts: sell Monday/Tuesday on Spain, Italy , buy back Wednesday ahead of ECB ‘s tapering announcement .
  • That’s the theory, ever evolving of course, new currencies could come into play or fall out .
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