Data from the Eurozone keeps the economies ticking along

Some minor data from Europe this morning.

  • German GFK consumer sentiment Nov 2017 10.7 vs 10.8 exp/prior
  • Spanish unemployment rate Q3 2017 16.38% vs 16.50% exp. Prior 17.22%
  • Italian consumer confidence Oct 2017 116.1 vs 114.9 exp. Prior 115.5. Revised to 115.6
  • Italian business confidence 111.0 vs 110.0 exp. Prior 110.4. Revised to 110.5
  • Eurozone M3 money supply Sep 2017 5.1% vs 5.0% exp/prior
  • EZ loands to households 2.7% vs 2.8% exp. Prior 2.7%
  • EZ loans to non-financials 2.5% vs 2.5% exp/prior

Good sentiment numbers for Italy, a minor miss for Germany and solid numbers from the Eurozone. The ECB will be satisfied that credit is flowing through to the economy. All that means nothing to the euro though.

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