October 2017 Eurozone flash CPI 31 October 2017

Also out;

  • Eurozone Sep 2017 unemployment rate 8.9% vs 9.0% exp. Prior 9.1%. Revised to 9.0%
  • Italy Oct 2017 HICP 1.1% vs 1.3% exp y/y. Prior 1.3%
  • 0.0% vs 0.2% exp m/m. Prior 1.8%
  • CPI 1.0% vs 1.3% exp y/y. Prior 1.1%
  • -0.2% vs 0.0% exp m/m. Prior -0.3%

AS mentioned on the GDP post, between the CPI and GDP/Unemployment data, they just about cancel each other out. Lower inflation but better growth sees the ECB potentially holding policy longer for the inflation picture, while juggling better economic growth, which could lead to inflation anyway (though if the US and UK are models, might be a stretch).

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