Time for some international golf tournaments

  • Sorry International Politics they please to call it.
  • From 3rd November , Potus will fly to Asia for a 12 day visit
  • Nikkei has the detailed schedule of his trip, which will comprise a few hot topics, such as North-Korea, Chinese relationships, the non attendance of the ASEAN summit.
  • On the positive, if we can call it that way, the US-JAPAN relationship should see further tightening after Abe’s re-election.
  • We can expect loads of comments to hit the wires and do not be surprised some of them contradictory depending on which side of the negotiation table speaks out.
  • I do think the Chinese will try to keep NK Kim quiet during this visit, so risk could come out on top, JPY a bit weaker if anything . but caution need to be had.

More to follow


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