A Reuters poll is out following the BOE yesterday

The chaps and chapessess at Reuters have been out and about with their survey cards and they’ve been gauging economists for their views on the Bank of England following the hike yesterday.

  • 27/46 say the hike was not a mistake (that’s a lot saying it was)
  • Before the announcement 34/38 said that now was not the time to hike (that somewhat explains the number above)
  • Next BOE move will be to hike 0.25% Q2 2019
  • Median 20% chance that the BOE reverses this hike

If the economists are to be believed (and why wouldn’t they be ? 😉  ), it’s going to be a while before the BOE will hike again. As if that was ever in doubt. All they’ve done is reverse the Brexit cut.

Ryan Littlestone

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