The latest Markit retail PMI’s for October 2017 are out 07 November 2017

  • Germany 51.2 vs 52.8 prior
  • France 51.5 vs 53.3 prior
  • Italy 50.3 vs 50.2 prior
  • Eurozone 51.1 vs 52.3 prior

The September 2017 PMI’s flagged better numbers for retail sales and Italy has just shown that to be the case with a big jump in sales. Thisdata suggests that we see a flatter October.

At 10 am GMT we get the manin Eurozone numbers but better news already looks factored in. We’re expecting a m/m jump of 0.6% vs -0.5% prior, and 2.7% vs 1.2% prior y/y. If the expectations were much lower that might have given us an opportunity to front run a good number in the euro but these are quite high.

Ryan Littlestone

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