EURUSD expiries at 1.1770/80 have glued the price

It’s very rare to see such definitive price action on the charts but the EURUSD 15m chart right now stands out.

EURUSD 15m chart

EURUSD 15m chart

When levels trade, they don’t often conform to the pip exactly. if there’s a level at 50, we’ll see 49/48 or 51/52 prints but looking at the action here at 70/80, where there’s just under 1bn going off, it’s very clear that there’s traders nailing the price to the pip on these option levels.

That’s not to say the price won’t move above or below here, nor get a bit more volatile into the expiry at 15.00 but for now, there’s interest to keep the price right here.

Read here for a fuller explantion of how options affect prices.

Ryan Littlestone

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