EURO victorious this week, the proud Pound is still standing.

The turkey weighed a bit to much on USD’ s stomach this week and ends broadly weaker.
JPY had a great midweek but got the stick today from yet another, Mitsubishi Materials this time, quality report falsification scandal.One’s got to wonder how many more …
The commod currencies ended a positive week neutral today. SNB made it clear CHF is not going to strengthen much vs EURO at least if they can help it. In the EM space MXN recovered with oil and less Nafta stress, TRY remains under political and inflationary pressures and the final stab of the week got given by S&P to the ZAR just before the close, downgrading its sovereign rating from BB+ to BB, citing weak GDP growth and Public Finances.
Have an excellent and peaceful weekend all !


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