Q3 2017 US GDP second estimate 29 November 2017

  • Prior 3.0%. Q2 3.1%
  • Sales 2.5% vs 2.4% exp. Prior 2.3%. Q2 2.9%
  • Consumption 2.3% vs 2.5% exp. Prior 2.4% Q2 3.3%
  • Deflator 2.1% vs 2.2% exp. Prior 2.1%. Q2 1.0%
  • PCE 1.4% vs 1.5% exp. Prior 1.5%. Q2 0.3%
  • Core PCE 1.5% vs 1.4% exp. Prior 1.3%. Q2 0.9%

Bit of a mixed bag but nothing too shciking. Consumption taken down is a negative and it’s one up, one down in the PCE numbers.

What might be getting some attention is the corp profits for Q3 which came in at a hefty 5.8% vs 0.1% prior. With that and the tick up in headline GDP, USDJPY has taken out 112.00 by 3 pips and change.

I’m also wondering whether we might be seeing the start of the usual USD bullishness into a Fed meeting.

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Ryan Littlestone

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