It’s been a jolly holiday for Kiwi bulls since the announcement of Adrian Orr as RBNZ head honcho .

We could have some more gas in the tank before USD takes centre stage tomorrow. A neat set-up to watch into this week regardless. I played it through long NZDJPY yesterday combined with a smaller size short in EURNZD. Profits were taken in both (a little early so it seems) and I will be eying this one for a chance to squeeze some more. Prudent to wait now until after FOMC (if not in) yet the scalper in me is always poaching .




I’ve had numerous messages and read many articles on the lack of volatility in markets. Admittedly yesterday was a bit of of a borefest for the most part, yet I still managed to have a decent day and began to close my ears to all the complaining. You always get quiet times in markets, it’s nothing new. If you are a longer term trader I can understand some of the frustration, but for me as an active trader there is always opportunity .



Horatio Dubsly

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