December 2017 German IFO business climate index 19 December 2017

  • Prior 117.5. Revised to 117.6
  • Current conditions 125.4 vs 124.7 exp. Prior 124.4. Revised to 124.5
  • Expectations 109.5 vs 110.7 exp. Prior 111.0

A touch softer to end the year with. It came into 2017 at 110.1 and the revision of 117.6 was the years high.

IFO’s Wohlrabe comments;

  • We should not read too much into the drop in the IFO
  • If the situation is very good, it’s difficult to see further improvement
  • Uncertainty has increased as businesses wait for a new German government to inform
  • There’s been no effect from Brexit or US tax plans


Ryan Littlestone

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