Comments from the EU commission

  • UK must apply EU trade policy during transition

The EU is waffling on about Brexit. Most of it is repeating old news. The deadline the EU is looking to place on the transition period could be another sticking point for Theresa May as that puts it just shy of the 2 year period she’s after. A lot of businesses want longer than that. The EU’s thinking is that the date falls at the end of the EU’s 7 year budget period so they want to tie it all together with what commitments the UK will be liable for.

Now we have Barnier popping up;

  • We are not at the end of the road for completing and orderly withdrawal of UK from EU
  • Transition period will enable the UK to prepare
  • Any transition period needs to safeguard EU principles
  • This can’t be an A La Carte transition period
Ryan Littlestone

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