Monetary policy Statement on 21.12.2017

  • Maintains 10-year JGB Yield Control (YCC) at 0.00%
  • Maintains annual pace of JGB holdings at ¥80T
  • Maintains annual ETF purchases at ¥6.0T
  • Vote 8 to 1 (Kataoka issues dovish dissent for 3rd straight meeting)
  • Maintains assessment of economy
  • Raises assessment of business fixed investment
  • Fixed investment has continued increasing trend
  • Private consumption has been increasing moderately (prior private consumption has increased resilience)
  • Will make policy adjustments as appropriate based on economy, prices and financial conditions. (This one is new)
  • Here’s the link to the statement

Steady as she goes with a small blip on the announcement.USDJPY 113.40, EURJPY 134.55.
We need to hear from Kuroda what that “adjustment” line means. I’m a little intrigued.


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