Time to sink some beers/wine/port/petrol and eat more food than we need to

Wherever you are, whoever your are, we at ForexFlow would like to wish you a happy, safe and peaceful holiday. I’d also like to thank you readers for making the first 3 months of ForexFlow’s existence an absolute pleasure. This is a work in progress and only a soft launch, so 2018 is going to be when we really set things alight. In the meantime, I thank you all for your views and comments and keep them coming. ForexFlow is here not only to provide some thoughts on trading but to engage with other traders and help them along where we can.

I’d also like to thank the contributors to the site. The guys here are some of the most experienced in the business and you can tell that from each post. I could not have done this without them and I know they are just as eager to hep help teach inexperienced traders as much as I am. You guys rock.

I’m sure some of us will be popping by over the next week or so just to keep an eye on things but other than the trading machine that is K-Man (who’s trading to the last and not budging until after the option expiries and the fix), the rest of us are going to check out (though if my kids keep driving me bonkers like they have been so far, I might be back on also 😉  )

Once again, thank you for coming to ForexFlow.Live, and peace & good fortune to you and your families.


Ryan Littlestone

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