01.01.2018 FX opening levels

I hope you all had a great time celebrating and made the usual good resolutions for losing those extra layers put on with to much food and drinks like I did .
Despite some fools couldn’t keep from making other people’s lives a misery again over the New Year’s eve and day, I hope for peace and health to all our readers and a load of pips
to be made in what will be for sure an exciting 2018 for the markets. There’s enough stuff to look out for, to start with the major CB’s:How will the new Fed team be steering the boat, will BOJ change
their course, will Scandinavian CB’s precede the ECB in hiking,is SNB going to be the last standing QE’er, is Poloz really less dovish and some more?
There will always be politics to trade off: Trump, Kim,Putin,Xi will certainly stir the fry up regularly. Elections in Italy are around the corner with the return of
Berlusconi to the fore front. Macron will install his reforms and is slowly taking over the lead in Europe as Merkel still has to decide upon her play buddies more than 3 months after the german elections.
Then there will be the endless Brexit with the eve more endless negotiations to come. Add TPP, Nafta, crypto’s and a load of geopolitics around the globe.
This first week will get with some fireworks with a bunch of PMI’s and the US employment report to hit on Friday .
There will be enough going on to spice things up more than a hot vindaloo at times.
And we kick off of the show today. ForexFlow traders will again be showing you what we’re looking at , what positions we envisage or have on board and share whatever useful knowledge we can with you.
Here are the rates after a few hours, beware of illiquid markets and some silly moves the first hours/day as most participants still digest dessert and champagne this time.
I’m smalls short cable and kiwi from Friday on the last day’s fixings resp at 1.3530 and 0.7112

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