Speech by Silvana Tenreyro, External MPC Member, Bank of England on 15.01.2018

  •  If Economy Evolves As Per MPC November Forecast, A Couple More Bank Rate Hikes Over Next 3-Years Likely
  •  Ample Time To Monitor The Transmission Of The November Hike Before Voting For Another Rate Rise
  • Inflation On Back Of Currency Fall Expected To Dissipate As Pass-Through Nears Completion
  • A Different Outturn For Productivity Growth Would Affect That Policy Rate Path
  • UK Faces Above-Target Inflation Accompanied By Modest Domestic Output Growth And Tight Labour Market Coupled With Weak Wage Growth
  • November Hike Justified As Labour Market Slack Had Narrowed
  • In The Medium-Term, The Risks To Productivity May Be Skewed To The Upside
  • One Of The Reasons Why The UK Might Be Lagging Behind Is The Added Uncertainty Over The Future Trading Relationship With The European Union
  • Brexit Uncertainty One Of The Reasons Why The UK Might Be Lagging Behind Global Growth Momentum
  • Strong Global Growth Should Help Support A Recovery Of Manufacturing And Aggregate Productivity
  • Post-Crisis Productivity Drag From Finance Should Disappear As Deleveraging Runs Its Course

Cable and EURGBP relatively unmoved by her comments of patience around best levels for the Pound : 1.3810 and 0.8885 respectively

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