ECB’s Ardo Hansson on the wires

  • ECB could end purchases in one step without a problem
  • Euro appreciation isn’t a threat to the inflation outlook
  • Sees a case for raising rates before ending reinvestment
  • ECB should adjust its policy stance before the summer
  • Labour shortages will push wages up sooner or later

Unsurprisingly hawkish comments from Hansson speaking to the Boersen Zeitung.

EURUSD has jumped to 1.2294 on that run. There’s a certain Mr Draghi who might have something to say about the euro comment because he told us many moons ago about how euro strength pushed down inflation. He said that every 10% move up in the euro lowered inflation by 40-50 basis points. Let’s see if that’s still the case.

Ryan Littlestone

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