This crypto ICO really is Bananas

Back in December I wrote a big post on my thoughts for cryptocurrencies. In it, I mentioned that one of the key phases before it all blows up is the “Frenzy phase”. Back then I said we’re on our way but there’s still a way to go. Well, perhaps we’re now a few steps closer to the tipping point.

I bring you Bananacoin, an ICO offering a token that will be pegged to the price of a kilo of “Lady Finger” bananas.

I mean no disrespect to the folks at Bananacoin. They may be using this as a legitimate means to fund their endeavours, or else it could be a complete load of hogwash. You’ve got until the 28th Feb to take part, and they’ve already raised over $1.4m by selling 2.8m tokens with a $0.50 notional value.

I’ll let Oleg brief you further before you decide to “bet the farm” on this…er…farm 😉

Ryan Littlestone

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