Another rollercoaster of a week draws to an end

The winner of the day is AUD , followed by CHF. The JPY and Scandies, to name them once, share the last place on the podium.
On the other side of the Davos valley stands a very lonely USD. It’s been a yoyo of a day for the buck but it had to give in in the end.It’s an uneven battle I admit when one has to navigate between 2 officials wanting a lower USD but having to say the opposite not to be seen as manipulators. WHAT ?? Manipulators ? Where ??Certainly not BOJ, they only said we misunderstood Kuroda’s english….
Anyway, next week no more BOJ, ECB,Davos is out of the way, Nafta seems to be kicked a bit down the road too, it should be quiet …. eeeuh
Forget it , month end , FOMC, US employment report and a bunch of European CPI’s , US ISM’s in the mix Oleeee

Better relax and enjoy that well deserved 2 days rest , see you Sunday night and thanks for your company this week



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