USD a bit faster, GBP a tad slow out of the starting blocks

Still early in the day but it feels the market is taking it cautiously at the start of the new week. Normal after such a week last.
Here’s some of the weekend press for your Sunday night or Monday morning for our Asian friends readings.

The week will go in crescendo on the economic data front , European CPI’s ,then FOMC and US labour reports to hit the markets end of this week for a final fireworks. Add a pinch of State of the Union and don’t forget US earnings season is also still in full swing.
But first this week we have the US PCE numbers and not to forget it’s month end folks. With its usual possible EURGBP buying by our German friends and based on Equity market moves we should again see some USD selling into Wednesday’s last day of the month.
So strap yourselves in,we’re going for another roller-coaster ride. Stay safe and happy hunting

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