NAFTA comments from Mexico

  • Progress made by NAFTA nations has put us on the right track to create landing zones to conlude negotiations soon
  • Next round will take place in Feb in Mexico (no date given)
  • NAFTA nations are cracking some of the most comples issues at technical and political levels
  • There has been flexibility from three nations leading to constructive proposals
  • There are still substantial challenges ahead

USDMXN has dropped to 18.5265 from 8.6540 odd.

US’s trade rep Lighthizer also responding with comments

  • We believe progress has been made in talks but they are progressing slowly
  • Talks need ot move at a much faster pace
  • Canada’s WTO challenge makes us wonder if all parties are committed to beneficial mutual trade

And USDMXN goes all the way back up to 18.64.

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Ryan Littlestone

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