More twists than an Agatha Christie novel. I’m happy to play along and follow the plot

Plenty of decent trades off the hourly charts had me swinging positions last week. The most recent being a short trade late on Friday from another touch at the top of the channel .

I’m planning on playing it intraday for now without getting too loved up in any particular direction. I think this is the sensible approach with the USD in a downtrend. There is always the chance I could pick a bigger top using this kind of strategy, yet I’m content to block the larger glory trade out of my mind and trade what I see rather than take a larger view.

A link to my last Aussie post here. Fridays latest swing to the short-side highlighted in the chart below.



AUDUSD 1 Hour Friday


The live chart below showing the turn from the Friday highs.







Horatio Dubsly

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