US EIA oil inventory data week ending 2 February 2018

  • Prior 6.776m
  • Overnight private data -1.050m
  • Cushing -0.711mm vs -2.224m prior. OPD -0.633m
  • Gasoline 3.414m vs 0.500m exp. Prior -1.980m. OPD -0.227m
  • Distillates 3.926m vs -1.250m exp. Prior -1.940m. OPD 4.552m
  • Production 10.251m vs 9.919m prior

A whopping jump in production. Highest since 1970 apparently.

WTI sinks to 62.79 from around 63.80.

Ryan Littlestone

Ryan Littlestone

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Ryan Littlestone

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