UK mortgage approvals and consumer credit data 01 March 2018

  • Prior 61,039. Revised to 61,629
  • Mortgage lending 3.389bn vs 3.600bn exp. Prior 3.683bn. Revised to 3.524bn
  • Total lending 4.746bn vs 5.104bn prior
  • BOE consumer credit 1.357bn vs 1.400bn exp. Prior 1.520bn. Revised to 1.580bn
  • Of which credit card lending 746m vs 429m prior. Revised to -466m
  • Lending to non-financials-1.606 bn vs -0.954bn prior. Revised to -559m
  • Of which SME’s -706m vs -422m prior. Revised to -425m
  • M4 money supply 1.5% vs -0.6% prior

That’s the highest mortgage approvals since last July and a strong start to the year. What’s not good news is the further fall in business borrowing. That suggests business is tight because it’s not for the lack of available credit. No real move in the quid after this and the PMI daya. 1.3756 trades.

Ryan Littlestone

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