USD: Up and down we go. Stop complaining at the back. At least things are moving.

Tariff grandstanding and a Powell let down causing some pain but for how long? Eurusd look for sellers at 1.2350 on first test. We need to stay above 1.2250 which is close risk for bulls

Usdjpy might be yours to sell so pick your reason. jpy buying on repat. Tiny tapering last time from BOJ Good news could not lift this pair last week – need I go on ?

Cable i wouldn’t touch it with a buying barge pole unless we hit 1.3650 area That’s it and don’t forget it’s Friday. You know the drill so don’t come crying to me if you get done like a kipper.

Here’s pic of my favourite place. A friend of mine teaches Maths there. Can you guess where it is? The first correct answer wins a lesson in statistical arbitrage. Only joking.


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