Kaplan says higher bond yields are the result of more supply and better growth.

Obvious statement there as higher yields make for lower prices.

More from the president of the Dallas Fed:

We are either at or beyond full employment

Think jobless rate to go below 4% this year
Fed should get started soon on tightening policy

Raising rates now is the best way to sustain the expansion
US government debt could become a growth headwinds

Trade discussion doesn’t change his outlook now but trade with Canada and Mexico is critical for US jobs

DXY plumbs the depths below 89.50 and eventually takes that as support in the very near term ahead of the Wall Street open. 10 yr yields took a little off from a shade above 2.9 down to 2.878 and seem to be struggling from a reaction to spiking the psychological 2.9.  All-in-all, much depends on US stocks but DXY near to the February 26th low. Needs to avoid breaking that handle if it is to recover. Down a lofty 1.6% from last week`s tops.  Are we back to selling the DXY?

Factory orders and the ultra-dovish Lael Brainard is the next Fed-head to speak later today.

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