The Commitment of Traders net speculative positions report from the CFTC as of Tuesday 6 March 2018

  • JPY -87k vs -97k prior
  • EUR +133k vs +138k prior
  • GBP +5k vs +13k prior
  • AUD +3k vs +10k prior
  • NZD 0k vs -1k prior
  • CAD +20k vs +22k prior
  • CHF -8k vs -16k prior
  • BTC -1599 vs -1833 prior
  • S&P -14k vs -6k prior
  • US10 -362k vs -343k prior

JPY shorts cutting back could be one of the reasons why we’ve been finding decent support of of the mid-low 105’s recently. There’s been some light relief for bulls but the failure ot take back 107.00 keeps the bearish rend firmly in place.

S&P short specs are growing again despite the fact we continue to recover following the Feb blowout.

CFTC S&P shorts

CFTC S&P shorts to 06 03 2018

Ryan Littlestone

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