Here’s what’s coming today

Feb US housing starts and permits are out at 12.30 GMT. Jan’s numbers showed a good start to the year, so we’ll see if that trend continues.

The March Michigan consumer survey is out at 14.00 GMT. A decent jump in sentiment was seen last month. Keep an eye on the inflation expectation numbers in this one. This report can be a funny one, in trading terms. Sometime’s it’s a mover and other times it’s not.

Sandwiched in between those is US industrial production for Feb, Jan JOLTS openings & Canadian manufacturing sales for Jan. For the JOLTS, the ‘quits’ is the number to look at as that’s a fair signal of folks switching jobs, which in turn can be an indication of people moving up the ladder and pay grades.

Full details of all the numbers are on our calendar.

Ryan Littlestone

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