Welcome to another exiting week

The Beast from the East sent yet another cold wave across Europe this weekend, Putin wins another 6 year term at the Russian’s presidency.
Global warming is just fake news ladies and gentlemen. Politically anyway. Good news for FX traders. We need sparring partners to keep volatility up.
In the meantime Abe’s ratings fall further as the land scandal continues.
Russia expelled 23 UK diplomats in a retaliation move to the UK’s expelling an equal number of Russian officials.GBP is, for now at least, looking through this peacock fight. Brexit will take center stage again as Transition talks are due to resume 22. March.Don’t lose track folks ….
As mentioned we’re in for another week of intense data, a Ministers of Finance G20 in Argentina right now(but Trade wars will overshadow)  and PBOC is to name a new governor , most likely the long serving Yi Gang, who we can qualify as a rather hard lined continuity figure, close to the establishment in place.
We’re having a pretty quiet opening on the FX rates tonight but it’s early hours. If we’d only trade hard data, the USD should find bids on dips but politicians’ risks are keeping the picture cloudy.
Happy Hunting and safe travels in our company this week

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