A sea of red and JPY- Gold taking full advantage on 02.04.2018

-Trump continues to hammer amazon
-Apple planning to discontinue using Intell Chips from 2020
The rest we had already but it’s still weighing
-China-Us throwing Easter and other tariff eggs at each other
-Trump’s Mexico hits and threatening to leave Nafta again

A perfect storm for a stronger JPY across the board .All JPY crosses have been hit today and Gold is rushing higher. I ‘ve just squared up the shorts USDJPY at 105.70 as part of this move is still due to illiquid markets blowing out every move imo. I will use rallies to 106.40/50 get back short .
Added a tiny bit short EURCAD at 1.5920 to the existing, will put a stop through 1.5950.
Here’s the markets’ situation around 18.30 gmt .


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