USD the loser of the day after 2 sessions of happiness

We end the week on a soft note, Trade wars with China(Russia to a minor extend) are overhanging right now more than for any other countries? maybe still some to come at a latter stage but that we’ll have to take day by day. Nafta for instance has had good vibes the whole week but just today uncertainty has crept in a bit, spurring some short covering in USDCAD but especially CAD crosses despite a good labour report in Canada. Still holding some longs in the currency trusting on a decent outcome in the end.
MXN is a different story as the border issue saw some increased tension, Trump sending the National guard down South.
JPY gained but not so on the major crosses, Gold and AUD are taking over as trade war risk barometers understandably. JPY will for sure take its role again 17-20 April when Abe will visit the US.
Have a lovely weekend . This week’s been good and I thank you for your company.
Peace and love and see you Sunday night for the opening

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