Just some titbits from the trading desks

GBPUSD has offers into 1.4300 (we already know that given the price action). There’s stops on a break above 1.4310. Bids are layered down at 1.4250, 1.4220 and 1.4200/10, with stops noted on a break below the big figure.

EURUSD is bid 1.2290/1.2300 with stops mixed in. Offers 1.2350, 1.2380 and into 1.2400, again, stops over the big fig. Traders don’t seem to keen to take us out of the 1.23/1.24 range, and we’re still sitting right in the middle of some big option expiries coming up in just under 20 mins.

We noted that USDJPY had exporter offers layered from 107.50 earlier this week, and they’ve been getting chewed on all day. More are up at 108.00 and through to 108.50 (at least). There’s talk of stops just above 108 but they may have to do battle with more of these exporter offers.



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