There’s possibly some news flying under the radar about the ECB and their June meeting and potential changes to language

I’ve no idea where this story is originating from but I’ve had a couple of sources say it’s floating around, and its existence has apparently been noted on Reuters but not in any great detail, just a line or two. It’s said to be behind the jump to 1.24 in EURUSD earlier.

We don’t need to be maths geniuses to put two and two together on this one.

  • It’s something about the ECB & the June meeting
  • EURUSD jumps

The next ECB meeting is next week, so if June is in the frame for something, next month is a dud. June is also the next time they update forecasts and at only 2 months before the supposed QE end date… you can see where this is going.

The main point here is that it’s not a widely known story, except perhaps among some of the big trading desks, so there is the possibility of another jump in the euro if this story gets a wider airing.

Ryan Littlestone

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