Golden week, Labour days, truce.

I have the impression we’re in for a truce in the market as Golden Week comes at a time we’ll see Labour Day have some participants lay down the axes and economic data traders wait for Friday’s US job reports.Of course there’s Trump and his tariffs, Iran, Nafta, Brexit, scandals left, right and centre but I only had a  laugh at Michelle Wolf’s speech at WHCD this weekend really.
The trader in me says buy more USD, buy risk on peace settling in and rate differentials remaining elevated but the investor says take a break and wait for what’s to come.
I’m going with the investor’s Zen pose and go into jobbing mode for now.
A quiet market doesn’t need to be boring. It’s the time for traders to brush up charts, read news, chat with other traders on Forexflow about markets and what is to come around the corner. I’ve always found periods of calm the most interesting in a market as we can build strategies and one thing we know for sure: It never lasts . SO welcome to another week in our company and if there’s stuff you want to know, talk about, moan about, ask about fashionistas Dubsy’s and Ryan’s shirts, fire away. It’s not Golden Week for nothing .

I hope you had a cracker of a weekend. We’re ready to take you by the hipster hand or kiss on the cheek this week again and talk about where we see value in purchases or sales in the world of currencies and don’t forget to tell us what YOUR poison is on tomorrow’s “Go with the Flow “post, which is the new hotspot in the retail market.

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