Forex options expiries for the 10am (14.00 GMT) New York cut 30 April 2018

Here’s something we’ve not heard of for a while. We have a range of DNT’s (Double no touch) in play in EURUSD. Large barriers are in place at 1.2050 and 1.2000 (1.20 with the larger) and some of them are part of some DNT’s, with the topside barriers at 1.2600 & 1.2700. Now, DNT’s can be a very powerful option play and were a favourable play by a certain Big Panda. It’s been a long while since we’ve heard about DNT’s, and even longer since we used to hear that Chian were playing them. When they did, they used to be a very strongly defended. Unfortunately, there’s no information suggesting that they’re involved in these ones. What points to the fact that they’re not is that there are quite a few different expries set for these, and they are made up of quite a number of trades. We’ve no idea of exact sizes and numbers but even if Panda isn’t involved, there’s said to be some decent size in play. We’ll keep you informed as and when we get any more info.

For the uninitiated, DNT’s are an option play which pays off if the spot price stays between the lower and higher strikes when they expire. If either strike price trades while they’re live, they’re blown and expire worthless to the owner and the seller picks up the premium. For more detailed information on how such options work, read our explanation post here.

Forex option expiries

Forex option expiries


Ryan Littlestone

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