Another weekend, same subjects to read about

I hope you all had a good rest and some nice weather to enjoy this weekend.Welcome to a new week in our company.
Nothing is far from Friday’s close but it’s early doors, illiquid. A quiet data Monday awaits. It’ll be (geo)political headline trading for most I suspect.

-Iran, where US may impose sanctions on some European companies not doing what US would like. UK PM May commits to the deal in place.
Trump/Xi’s new ZTE love affair? Reuters has this as well. Also note US is to open its Embassy in Jerusalem on Monday.
-Brexit: May says “Trust me” to deliver Brexit. Conservative factions are clearly not . French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian: June’s the ultimate deadline
Norway PM Solberg says London should reconsider Norwegian model despite its ‘political deficit’
Nafta, the deadline being put for 17th May if current US Congress has the time to vote on it. Trudeau remains optimistic.
-Italy : 5Star and the League want to stamp out a government deal and PM candidate tonight. Watch for headlines there.
-North Korea: The US willing to drop sanctions if NK dismantles completely its nuclear weapons program.
-Worth taking a look at how DB values the currencies currently.
-Sadly more victims and lives lost in terrorist strikes and conflicts…

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