G20 as per usual telling each other what they shouldn’t do.

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are ready to rock ‘n roll again this week in our company. Nothing opens really far from Friday’s closes, USD remains on the defensive, kiwi opens a bit weaker as well as GBP, weighed down by  more EU-UK Brexit uncertainties.

-You shall not go into a trade war, you shall not be protectionist, you shall not manipulate.
-Risks have increased was the other line.
-Mnuchin wants to talk with everybody but on Us terms.
-Kuroda unsurpisingly turns down comments on BOJ possible changes end of the month but asks China to explain the CNY decline.
-There hasn’t been a heated currency debate at the G20, shame for us traders?
-The Brexit weekend and what’s to be expected this week is explained by our colleague Si in 2 posts on our “home” page, tab above.
One addition “Brussels rejects the UK’s financial services Brexit plan” set out in the White papers

On the data side the weight will be on preliminary PMI’s starting on Tuesday. Australian CPI, very important seen the improvement on recent data hits on Wednesday. Over to the ECB on Thursday and the US GDP on Friday. We’ll be navigating through the events of the week, discussing the points and levels to trade off as the events will flow upon us.
Be good and successful dear forex friends.
It’s early doors, watch out for illiquid moves if any headline would come out.

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