Reuters sources story on the talk inside the Bank of Japan

Post-BOJ meeting last week it’s been revealed that the BOJ planned to announce possible rate hikes in January. This was torpedoed by the wild market moves seen during that month. Then then were going to look at raising rates in July and September but that was shot down by poor inflation data.

The chatter comes from “a dozen people familiar with the banks thinking”.

Also in the story is some new detail on one of the major players on the BOJ board, Masayoshi Amamiya, who is said to be a major instigator of a move away from easy policy. This is big news as he was one of the main protagonists of it in the first place.

Right back at the start of the year K-Man wrote (and most of us agreed) that this year was a potentially big one for the BOJ and whether they would look to exit QQE and their other policies. By the sound of this story, it looks like we came (or are very close) to that happening.

The full story is here.

Ryan Littlestone

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