What and end to the week eh?

We’re closed and there was excitement right up until the last moments.

FX close 31 08 2018

FX close 31 08 2018

What have we learned this week?

For all the noise and headlines and moves, nothing much at all. Canada can’t negotiate its way out of a wet paper bag. Trump’s being Trump, Brexit is still no closer to being resolved, EM’s are still off in la la land and USDJPY is still doddering around like a senile old fogey who doesn’t know what day it is.

The month-end stuff is over but we still might see a bit more on Monday as players kick the new month off. But, the yanks are on one of the 200 hundred public holidays they get a year, so it should be quiet. USDCAD will be the big pair again next week as NAFTA rumbles on and we get the BOC. Clean pants for Wednesday will be requisite.

I trust you’ve all had a wonderful and profitable week and all that remains is to thank you for your company, and that goes to my colleagues doing such a spiffing job on site and elsewhere. I wish you a restful and peaceful weekend, and we’ll see you bright and breezy on Monday.

Ryan Littlestone

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